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Contested Spaces and Symbolic Landscapes

Contested Spaces and Symbolic Landscapes

Contested Spaces and Symbolic Landscapes in Texts from the Early Modern Grand Duchy of Lithuania and its Neighbouring Regions

Workshop at the University of Passau, 29-30 March 2019
Conference Organisers: Prof. Dr. Zhanna Nekrashevich-Karotkaja (Minsk) & Dr. Marion Rutz (Passau)

In the 21st century as well as before, state borders have constantly proved their instability despite guaranties of invulnerability or ‘treaties of eternal peace’. The political landscape is constantly moving. The interest in representations of space as expressions of political and social discourses or as discourse strategies unites philology and history. How does literature (or other media) construct and interpret the political and topographic map of its time? Which landmarks are chosen and what meaning is attributed to them? Such symbolic topographies are of particular interest when there are conflicting claims.
This international and interdisciplinary workshop focuses on the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, an area that has disappeared from our political map and – at least beyond its successor states – also from our mental maps. Attention to neighbouring territories, regions and ‘other’ spaces facilitates comparisons and changes of perspective.

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Conference reports

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