Chair of Sociology of Technology and Sustainable Development
Prof. Dr. Jan-Hendrik Passoth

Basics courses are introductory courses as well as mentored self-learning groups on theory, methods and history of the sociology of technology, science & technology studies and sociology in general. Controversies are courses on debates in social and media theory and current empirical as well as publicly relevant controversies regarding the implementation, use and modification of digital technologies. Research training takes place on three levels: methods, research practice and writing.


Research focusses on the social life of software, data and algorithms, on technologies of governing and infrastructures of politics as well as on transdisciplinary collaboration and disciplinary diplomacy. Empirically we focus on software engineering and data analytics as an epistemic and transformational practice and we design collaborations between science, engineering and social science.


Jan-Hendrik Passoth is Visiting Professor of Sociology of Technology and Head of the Digital/Media/Lab at the Munich Center for Technology in Society (MCTS) at TUM, a group of doctoral and post-doctoral researchers studying digital transformations in ethnographic cases studies on industrial production, borders and migration or public broadcasting.