Faculty of Arts and Humanities
Programme advisers

Programme advisers

If you have any questions related to any aspect of your studies in Passau, you will find that the University of Passau and the Faculty of Arts and Humanities have a number of advisers who will be happy to offer guidance.

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General enquiries about programmes of study

Your first port of call for general questions about the degree programmes should be the Academic Advice Service. This service is able to offer comprehensive advice about all degree programmes. If you wish to discuss your question in person, you can make an appointment to talk to one of the advisers.

Programme advisers from the Faculty of Arts and Humanities

If you have an in-depth question about the programme and the involved courses and modules, e.g. about advanced study opportunities, recognition of study, work or apprenticeships completed elsewhere or if you are thinking of changing your degree subjects or switch to another degree programme altogether, you should consult the relevant programme adviser of the faculty. Please make an appointment directly with the lecturer in charge of the relevant course or programme.

Programme co-ordinators

Special programme co-ordinators are on hand to advise students enrolled in the more heavily frequented degree programmes.

Arts and Humanities Student Committee

The student representatives of the Arts and Humanities Student Committee (in German they are referred to as 'Fachschaft Philo' or 'FS Philo' for short) will help you to plan out the details of your programme and draw up your timetable.