Faculty of Arts and Humanities
Study subsidies

Study subsidies

Study subsidies are always earmarked for specific purposes. They must be used to improve the student experience, as required by the study subsidy regulations (click here for the full German text).

Who decides on the use of study subsidies?

Within the faculties, the decisions on the use of these funds is taken by a committee whose members are the Dean, the Dean of Studies, the Academic Staff Representatives as well as the Student Representatives. The proposals of the Study Subsidy Committee are passed on to the Faculty Board for deliberation, prior to being forwarded to the University Directorate for resolution.

The Study Subsidy Committee of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities is comprised of:

Representatives for the Professors

Professor Andreas Michler (appointed by the Faculty Board)
Professor Hans Mendl (Dean of Studies, Representative ex officio) 
Professor Daniela Wawra (Chair ex officio)

Representatives for the Lecturers and Researchers

Dr Joanna Rostek (upon nomination by the Lecturers' and Researchers' Council)

Student Representatives

Ms Anne-Kathrin Böhm (ex officio) 
Ms Isabelle Braun (ex officio) 
Mr Martin Görgens (ex officio) 
Mr Lukas Wanninger (ex officio) 
Mr Maximilian Ertl (ex officio)

Women's Representative

Dr Friederike Grüninger (ex officio; until 30 September 2015)

What are the study subsidies used for?

The decision what the study subsidies are used for are taken anew each calendar year. The University Directorate and the faculties draw up their own use plans on an annual basis.

How can members of the faculty request funds from study subsidies?

In order to ensure that the use of study subsidies can be planned properly, every investment that is to be financed partially or entirely from study subsidies must be explained in detail in a written request sent to the Dean. The form is available from the Dean's Office. Application deadlines: 15 January and 15 June each year.