Department of Southeast Asian Studies
Student Conference on Southeast Asia 2019

Student Conference on Southeast Asia 2019

Banner of the 4th Student Conference on Southeast Asia

The “Studentische Verein der Südostasienwissenschaften e.V.” kindly invites interested students to join and participate at our 4th Student Conference on Southeast Asia on May 24th to 26th in Passau, Germany.

Southeast Asia is a unique area, especially with regards to its high cultural, political, geographical and religious diversity. While the region offers picturesque landscapes and exotic sensations, Southeast Asia currently couldn’t be more revealing of its diverse points of friction: Democracies in decline, religious conflicts and growing disparities; on the other hand an ever so visible LGBT community, interfaith dialogue initiatives and societies calling out for political participation.

Our conference is a platform for students (BA, MA, PhD) of all sciences and disciplines with a focus on Southeast Asia to present their research. At the same time, it aims at establishing and strengthening networks between future experts on Southeast Asia, between different sciences and disciplines, and between institutes. Please note: Presentations will be held in German, English, Thai, Vietnamese and Bahasa!

The conference fee is 15€ per person (including lunch and snacky on Saturday). Speakers are exempt from this fee. Speakers may also apply for travel allowance. We are currently organizing home stay accommodations.  Please direct any questions you might have at

We kindly ask you to spread the word and are looking forward to your registration!