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Post Graduate Studies (Grade: Ph. D.)

Post Graduate Studies (Grade: Ph. D.)

Doctoral degrees

Students interested in doing a doctorate in Southeast Asian Studies at Passau should consult the general information for postgraduate students at the University's Graduate Centre. The doctoral programme is governed by the regulations of the Faculty of Philosophy (currently available in German only).

Current doctoral research projects (2015)

In the thematic area "Media Organisational Studies"

An organizational analysis: Local community radio in Northeastern Thailand from a sociological perspective
Punnaporn Archawaranon

Political Facebook: Everyday life public sphere of the urban middle-class
Wimonsiri Hemtanon

In the thematic area "Urban studies"

Contested public space in medium-sized Southeast-Asian cities: The case of the night café in Divisoria in Cagayan de Oro, Philippines
Luzile Satur, funded by the KAAD

Water usage between commodification and environmental change: Processes of social transformationat the peri-urban interface in Vietnam
Mirjam Le, funded by the DAAD

Urbanization and the changing way of life of the K'ho minority in Dalat City
Vo Van Dung, funded by the Socialist Republic of Vietnam (Programme 322)

Processes of interaction and negotiation in small urban centres in Vietnam - The example of regional business Networks
Hannah von Bloh, funded by the Bavarian Institute for the Promotion of Young Leaders

In the thematic area "Conflicts andState Formation"

Religious-based violence: Tension between freedom of religion and religious doctrine in Indonesia
Dina Diana, funded by the DAAD

Theories of Change in Peace building: a Case of Initiatives undertaken by Civil Society Organizations in the Deep South of Thailand
Thammasat Sotthibandhu, funded by the Office of the Higher Education Commission Thailand


Energy Concepts in Uttarakhand, India, from an Ecofeminist Perspective
Julia Rometsch, funded by the Heinrich-Böll-Foundation

An actor-oriented approach to the Indonesian art market: Art and networks
Irina Vogelsang, funded by the foundation of the German Economy (Stiftung der Deutschen Wirtschaft SDW)

Literature of the Tai Nuea group in Northern Laos
David Wharton