Southeast Asian Studies section

Passau Research Colloquium on Southeast Asia

Summer Term 2014: Wednesdays 4-6 PM, Dr.-Hans-Kapfinger-Str. 14b, Room 314a

09.04.2014:  Rabindranath Tagore's Journey to Java and Bali (1927)
                     Dr. Werner Kraus, Southeast Asian Art Center

16.04.2014:  Development Studies as a new Master Program in Passau? Presentation and 
                     Prof. Dr. Martina Padmanabhan und Prof. Dr. Rüdiger Korff, University of Passau

23.04.2014:  On the Fatwa in Southeast Asia
                     Philipp Bruckmayr, University of Vienna

Extra Date:   In the Library Lounge
24.04.2014:  Finissage: Vortrag zur Wanderausstellung: Medien- und Meinungsfreiheit in 
6 - 8 PM       Südostasien
                     Dr. Genia Findeisen

30.04.2014:  Civil Society Organisations and Peacebuilding in Southern Thailand
                     Thammasat Sotthibandhu, University of Passau

07.05.2014:  The Rice Seed System in Wayanad, India-An Emperical Social-Ecological Study
                      Michaela Schöley, University of Passau

14.05.2014:  Peri-Urban Water Usage in Vietnam - First Findings from the Field
                     Mirjam Le, University of Passau

21.05.2014:  Art, Environment and Social Transformation
                     Arahmaianai Faisal, Indonesian Artist

28.05.2014:  Back from the Jungle: Socio-Ecological Sustainability and Transformation in 
                     Kalimantan, Indonesia
                     Andrea Höing und Dr. Kristina Großmann, University of Passau

04.06.2014:  Socialist Educational Transfer: The Case of the Central Complementary
                      Education for Workers and Peasants School in Hanoi, Vietnam (1955-1964)
                      Tim Kaiser, Justus-Liebig-University of Gießen

11.06.2014:  Institutional Change and National Development
                     Universitas Kebangsaan Malaysia - Arbeitsgruppe

18.06.2014:  Religous-based violence against Ahmadiyah community in Indonesia
                     Dina Diana, University of Passau

25.06.2014:  The "urban" in Vietnam: Discourses and reality
                     Hannah von Bloh, University of Passau

Extra Date:   HK 14b, SR 015
01.07.2014:  Literature of the Tai Nuea Group in Northern Laos
6 - 8 PM       David Wharton, University of Passau

02.07.2014:  Institutionalisation Processes
                     Prof. Valeska Korff, University of Potsdam

09.07.2014:  A New Way of Interpreting Art? Digital Culture and the Young Indonesian
                     Irina Vogelsang, University of Passau


Chair of Comparative Development and Cultural Studies with Focus Southeast Asia, 
Prof. Dr. Martina Padmanabhan, University of Passau

Chair of Southeast Asian, Studies
Prof. Dr. Rüdiger Korff, University of Passau

| 18.06.2014