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Southeast Asian Studies

Prof. Dr. Korff

The focus of the Chair of Southeast Asian Studies lies on the comparative study of social and political change processes in Southeast Asia, with the following specialist areas:

  • Nation-building and conflicts
  • Urban development, urban society and local patterns of self-organization
  • Media Organisational Studies

Prof. Dr. Padmanabhan

Research and teaching focuses of the Chair of Comparative Development and Cultural Studies (Focus: Southeast Asia) lies on the issues of international and societal relevance in the field of Southeast Asian studies, with the following specialist areas:

  • Institutional analysis
  • Social-ecological research into society-nature relations
  • Gender research aimed at understanding inequality

Teaching and research profile

Our work contributes to the analysis of post-colonial transformation processes in Southeast Asia. Teaching and research work is organized around the following four focal areas:

  • Conflict, catastrophe and nation building
  • Urban development
  • Development policy and process
  • Culture, religion and gender

A key feature of Southeast Asian studies at Passau is the extensive language program, which offers courses taught by native speakers for beginners and more advanced students in the following Asiatic languages:

  • Indonesian
  • Thai
  • Vietnamese
  • Chinese


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