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Travel Information

Travel Information

Airports situated near Passau

  1. The airport in Linz, Austria, is approximately 70 minutes away from Passau. There is a direct connection between London Stansted and Linz operated by Ryanair (
  2. The large international airport in Munich, Germany, is approximately 150 minutes away from Passau. Many airlines operate to and from Munich, e.g. Lufthansa, AirBerlin and others.
  3. The airport in Salzburg, Austria, is approximately 160 minutes away from Passau.
  4. The airport in Nuremberg, Germany, is approximately 160 minutes away from Passau.

Train connections

Train connections to Passau can be looked up on the webpage of the German railway [English version].
As destination, please type in "Passau" or "Passau Hbf".

Please note that you can use a special rail ticket ("Bayernticket") to get from the airports of Munich and Nuremberg to Passau at a reduced rate (23 EUR). This ticket is valid only on local trains (IRE, RE, RB, suburban trains) from 9 a.m. to 3 a.m. on the next day.