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Joint cross-border doctoral programmes (Cotutelle)

Joint cross-border doctoral programmes (Cotutelle)

Upon successful completion of a binational doctoral programme (cotutelle de thèse), you will be awarded a single doctorate jointly by two distinct universities in different countries. The rationale for this is that the doctorate is based on a single academic achievement under the supervision of two universities. Both universities cooperate closely in the doctoral programme in terms of selection and supervision on the one hand, and assessment of the doctoral candidate on the other.The legal basis for this arrangement is the cotutelle agreement: no agreement means there is no binational cotutelle de thèse.

Joint cross-border doctoral programmes at Passau

Further information and contact

This type of programme is particularly suitable for early career researchers who: – wish to conduct cross-border research– are keen to integrate their research objective into the context of the other country– want to ensure that their academic achievements and titles are readily recognised in both countries– have yet to decide in which of the countries they will want to work later on.

For more information on the cotutelle de thèse, write to dekanat.philatuni-passau.de.