Faculty of Arts and Humanities


Research and doctoral study projects

Below is a selection of current projects to give you a glimpse of some of the research subjects and doctoral projects currently being worked on by researchers from the Faculty of Arts and Humanities.

Research institutions

At the University of Passau, research is carried out at the chairs, institutes and the various research centres.

Doctoral and postdoctoral research

A doctorate is your ticket to a career in academia. The University of Passau, with its wide range of disciplines, offers you the ideal conditions to start a career in academia. Another postdoctoral qualification, the so-called habilitation, gives you the right to teach students at professorial level in a specific discipline and to undertake research and teaching autonomously.

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Graduate School for International Cultural Studies (GSICS)

The Graduate School of International Cultural Studies (GSICS) was established in 2007 under the auspices of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities with the aim of enhancing doctoral training. GSICS provides transferable skills training to postgraduate students and doctoral researchers (e.g. on academic writing and presentation techniques) and allows them to organise themselves in interdisciplinary colloquia and workshops on literary and cultural theory, teaching didactics, and so on. GSICS is actively engaged in the University's research and teaching, organising lecture series and presentations, as well as producing publications on a regular basis.

The Graduate Centre

As a central unit open to researchers of all disciplines and faculties, the Graduate Centre caters to the specific needs of early career researchers, administering doctoral programmes (postgraduate schools and research training groups) as well as individually supervised doctoral and postdoctoral thesis projects. The Graduate Centre organises a variety of continuing professional development and qualification programmes specifically for early career researchers, and provides information on the organisation and possible topics of doctoral as well as postdoctoral study. It aims at creating a stimulating research environment for doctoral candidates and early career researchers.

Financial support

Doctoral and postdoctoral students may apply for financial support to publish their doctoral and postdoctoral or postdoctoral thesis or for reimbursements of their academic travel expenses. The Graduate Centre website provides detailed information on support programmes and scholarships for early career researchers. Please send your applications directly to the Graduate Centre.