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International Visiting Scholar Programme - Research

International Visiting Scholar Programme - Research

International Visiting Scholar Programme of the University of Passau

  • Any faculty member employed in a teaching capacity may propose a visiting scholar under this programme.
  • Minimum of each stay: 10 days
  • A public guest lecture  of minimum 45 minutes about the research project is obligatory.
  • The inviting chair is supposed to write a report about the visit and to send it to the Dean’s office at the end of the stay.
  • Remuneration for teaching assignments is capped at EUR 1,500 per visiting scholar, with an additional EUR 500 for guests from EU member states or EUR 750 (non-EU) paid as a travel allowance on top of the remuneration. This funding can be combined with funds from other sources, such as programmes from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), other subsidising programmes and/or external funds from third parties,
  • The Remuneration is paid after the visit and after the agreed acomplishment of the research project or guest lecture.
  • The chair making the invitation is generally responsible for looking after the visiting scholar during their stay at the University. Support for accomodation and further organisation offers the Welcome Centre of the University of Passau.
  • You should send the visiting scholars funding request form twice to the Dean's Office by  15th of July for invitations for the subsequent winter semester or 15th of January for visits taking place in the subsequent summer semester.
  • We recommend to take out a travel cancellation insurance.

Our guests

Overview of our guests since the start of the programme in 2017.