Zentrum für Medien und Kommunikation
Centre for Media and Communication (ZMK)


The perfectly designed spatial concept of the Centre for Media and Communication (ZMK) enables a close link between science and practical media education on campus of the University of Passau. Aside from state-of-the-art media technology, seminar rooms and the offices of the chair of Communication Studies, of the chair of Computer-Mediated Communication, of the chair of Science Communication and of the Professorship of Journalism are located in this building.

Studying and Teaching

Already during their studies the state-of-the-art media equipment allows the students to acquire a wide basic knowledge in the field of media production. The Newsroom – a crossmedia training editorial department – serves for many innovative teaching projects that cover all forms of journalistic presentations from multimedia blog posts to live broadcasting in the TV and radio studio.


United under the roof of the ZMK we explore the effects of increasing digitalisation, economisation and internationalisation of the media world (media change) under technical, psychological and economic aspects. Thanks to the latest technology and textual, auditory, visual and audio-visual applications, research projects in the areas of individual communication, public communication, mass communication, online communication and technical communication are possible.


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InfoPoint Media Production

Andrea Keilhofer
ZMK Room 102
Phone: +49 851 509 - 3421


Office Hours:

  • Wednesday + Thursday: 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm

Office Hours and Contact

Current office hours and contact information on the chairs and professorships involved:

Chair of Communication Studies

Chair of Computer-Mediated Communication

Chair of Science Communication

Professorship of Journalism