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Current Projects

The project "History as a space of encounter - places of extracurricular learning in the bavarian-bohemian border region"  supports highschool teachers from the bavarian-czech border region to include crossborder regional history in their teaching. It enables direct encounters of czech and bavarian highschool and university students on historical sides.

The interdisciplinary collaborative research initiative “Border/s in national and transnational cultures of remembrance between the Czech Republic and Bavaria” is dedicated to the border/s, by which the construction of national – and by whose deconstruction the transnational – cultures of remembrance are structured. Thereby, the collaborative research initiative takes on the timely and scientifically central topic of national cultures of remembrance and their translatability and translation into a transnational context.

The aim of the research initiative is to show how border/s are (de)constructed in a national and transnational context in narratives, artefacts, and practices – as in the implementation of borders into the environment or in remembering the iron curtain – and how national demarcation and/or transnational elimination of borders occur in discourses and practices of remembrance.

The interdisciplinary collaborative research initiative is supported by the Universities of Regensburg (Walter Koschmal & Marek Nekula) and Passau (Andreas Michler), Charles University in Prague (Manfred Weinberg; Ota Konrád), UJEP Ústí n. L. (Renata Cornejo), and the Adalbert Stifter Foundation (Wolfgang Schwarz).

Head of the research initiative: Marek Nekula

The research association started on June 1, 2017 and will be funded by the  Bavarian-Czech Academic Agency until the end of 2020.

Project website of the Faculty of Social Sciences at Charles University in Prague

Flyer of the research initiative (pdf)

State of research / first information

ALGe – adaptive learning tasks in the domain of history

  • Individualized learning tasks in history textbooks in the perception of history teachers
  • Interaction between individual factors, task features and achievement in history class
  • Effects of adaptive learning tasks on task engagement and achievement in history class

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Finished research projects

Geschichtsbausteine Bayern - Böhmen (Historical Modules Bavaria – Bohemia)

The project wants to give young people from the Bavarian-Czech border region an understanding of the history, culture and language of their neighboring country. Knowledge about Bavarian-Czech relations shall enable them to understand themselves as part of a region and perceive their neighbors as potential partners and friends. Schools and out-of-school-education can contribute to this process significantly.

Therefore it is a second aim of the project to support institutions in the field of historical literacy in their important function. This support is realized by providing educational modules for teaching, by realizing workshops in high schools, by developing educational programs for museums and by offering advanced trainings for teamers.
The project was brought into being by Prof. Dr. Andreas Michler (University of Passau, Professorship for History Education) in cooperation with PhDr. Jana Zahradníková (University of South Bohemia in Budweis). The bi-lingual projekt was financed by the Interreg IV A-programme of the European Union with contribution of both universities.

Region vermitteln über Grenzen (Impart region across borders)

The German-Czech project "Region vermitteln über Grenzen" (Impart region across borders) aims at encouraging teamers from the region Bavarian forest – Bohemian forest to pick up topics of the common Bavarian-Bohemian history of the region in their teaching or in school projects.

For this purpose the project offers advanced trainings for teachers and seminars for university students of history education. Furthermore it provides a webpage with pedagogical material for teaching and ideas for the implementation of cross-border and regional history in teaching.

Responsible for the organization and the content of “Region vermitteln über Grenzen” is a German-Czech team at the University of Passau and the University of South Bohemia in Budweis. Project leader is Prof. Dr. Andreas Michler at the University of Passau. The project is financed by the program “Ziel 3 Freistaat Bayern – Tschechische Republik 2007 - 2013 (INTERREG-IV-A)“ of the European Union and by financial means of the University of Passau. The project runs over the period of three years (July 2008 to June 2011).

Flyer about the project "Region vermitteln über Grenzen" (German version)