Jean Monnet chair of European Politics
Prof. Dr. Daniel Göler

Welcome to the Jean Monnet Chair for European Politics!

Dr. Hans-Kapfinger-Str. 14

The chair for European Politics was assigned a Jean Monnet Chair in September 2011 by the European Commission. Holders of this award have proven excellence in the academic and research field of European Integration.  This award involves a co-financed funding, that allows to expand teaching activities in the field of European Integration as well as to boost the international linking of scientific research and to provide increased access to European public policy issues for the general public ( Under the title “A Citizens’ Europe: Challenges from the Regional to the Global Level” a number of academic and non-academic activities and the publishing of the research results (Passauer Jean Monnet Working Papers) will take place.

Main research interests of Prof. Göler include governance in the EU multi-level system, instutional reforms of the EU, legitimacy of European governance, European Foreign, Security and Defence Policy, European Energy Policy as well as external governance questions concerning the “export” of norms and rules by the EU. Other focal points in research by the team members are the European Latin-American relations and the European Development Policy.

Regarding the teaching, the Department of European Politics is involved in various Bachelor and Master programmes: “Governance and Public Policy”, “European Studies” and “International, Cultural and Business Studies”. Within those programmes the department offers political science lectures concerning the inner and outer dimensions of European Policy.

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