Chair of English Language and Culture


The aim of our research is to contribute to a better understanding of

  • language as a sign system and communication system, as a cognitive medium and as a social institution
  • the evolution and variety of language, as well as its functions in various social, (inter-)cultural and media contexts
  • the multimodal construction of meaning
  • cultures (with an Anglo-American influenced background)
  • social media and digital communication

Ongoing research projects

  • Social Media, Digital Communication and Privacy (DFG Graduiertenkolleg GRK 1681/2)
  • (Digital) Public Relations Communication
  • Multimodal Meaning Construction/Multimodal Literacy
  • Language, Identity and Citizenship in the 21st Century
  • Language Evolution and Variation
  • The Development of Translation Competence
  • The Phonetics and Phonology of British and American English (book project)

You will find an interview with Prof. Wawra on the topic of "Privacy and Digitalisation" in the magazine of the DFG Research Training Group in Passau, starting on page 8.