Chair of Educational Science with a focus on Empirical Research on Teaching and Learning


Professorinnen und Professoren
Name Telefon E-Mail-Adresse Raum
Mägdefrau, Jutta, Prof. Dr. +49(0)851/509-2825 PHIL 382
Name Telefon E-Mail-Adresse Raum
Höfer, Katrin +49(0)851/509-2691 PHIL 366
Schwarz, Michaela +49(0)851/509-2691 PHIL 366
Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeiter
Name Telefon E-Mail-Adresse Raum
Althammer, Ana Katarina
Baumgartner, Isolde +49(0)851/509-2821 PHIL 369
Riel, Martina +49(0)851/509-2985 PHIL 379
Urlbauer, Patrick +49(0)851/509-2985 PHIL 379
Wolff, Monika-Sybille +49(0)851/509-2821 PHIL 369
Studentische Hilfskräfte
Name Telefon E-Mail-Adresse Raum
Birndorfer, Hannah
Iglhaut, Samuel
Kuhnert, Julia
Zaglmann, Daniel

Third party project ProfiLehrePlus

Günther, Susanne Dr.+49(0)851/509-3333IG 306
Schick, Alexandra+49(0)851/509-3333IG 306

Appointments for office hours

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Prof. Dr. Mägdefrau

Please register by telephone or via email in the secretary’s office in due time (0851/509 - 2691 and give your demand of time.

Team members

You can make an appointment with our research assistants by telephone or via email.