Faculty of Arts and Humanities
Chairs and professorships by family name

Chairs and professorships by family name

TitleGiven name(s)Family nameOrganisational unit
ProfessorDieterAnhufChair of Physical Geography
ProfessorChristophBarmeyerChair of Intercultural Communication
DrGerdBauriegelGeography Didactics
ProfessorJan-OliverDeckerProfessorship of Modern German Literature and Media Semiotics
ProfessorKarstenFitzProfessorship of American Studies/Cultural and Media Studies
ProfessorPeterFonkChair of Theological Ethics
ProfessorJanFuhseChair of Sociology (interim)
ProfessorWernerGamerithProfessorship of Regional Geography
Professor Andreas GegenfurtnerProfessorship of Psychology with a focus on Teaching and Learning using Digital Media
ProfessorWinandGellnerChair of Political Science
ProfessorAlexanderGlasProfessorship of Art and Aesthetic Education
ProfessorDanielGölerProfessorship of European Politics
ProfessorOliverHahnProfessorship of Journalism
ProfessorChristianHandschuhProfessorship of Ecclesiastical History and Christian Identities (interim)
Professor ChristinaHansenChair of Education/Primary and Pre-Primary Education
ProfessorRüdigerHarnischChair of German Language
ProfessorSusanneHartwigChair of Romance Literatures and Cultures
ProfessorHorst-AlfredHeinrichProfessorship of Methods of Empirical Social Research
Professor AnnaHenkelProfessorship of Sociology of Technology and Sustainable Development
ProfessorMartinHilleProfessorship of Bavarian and European Regional History
ProfessorRalfHohlfeldChair of Communication Studies
ProfessorSandra HuebenthalChair of Exegesis and Biblical Theology
MrKarlheinzJopp-LachnerFrench Didactics
ProfessorJürgenKammChair of English Literature and Culture
ProfessorThomasKnieperChair of Computer-mediated Communication
ProfessorRüdigerKorffChair of Southeast Asian Studies
ProfessorLuciaKrämerProfessorship of English Cultural and Media Studies
ProfessorHansKrahChair of German Literature and Film
ProfessorHans-ChristofKrausChair of Modern and Contemporary History
ProfessorMichael-ThomasLiskeChair of Philosophy
ProfessorJuttaMägdefrauChair of Educational Science with a focus on Empirical Research on Teaching and Learning
ProfessorMagdalenaMancasProfessorship of Romance Area and Literary Studies with a focus on Italy (interim)
Professor Susanne MayrChair of Psychology and Human-Machine Interaction
ProfessorHansMendlChair of Religious Education
ProfessorAndreasMichlerProfessorship of History Didactics
ProfessorClaireMoulin-DoosProfessorship of Civic Education (interim)
ProfessorKarlaMüllerProfessorship of German Language and Literature Education
ProfessorMartinaPadmanabhanChair of Comparative Development and Cultural Studies with a focus on Southeast Asia
DrMaximilianRagallerEnglish Didactics
ProfessorMalteRehbeinChair of Digital Humanities
ProfessorUrsulaReutnerChair of Romance Languages and Cultures
ProfessorJuliaRicart BredeChair of German as a Second/Foreign Language
DrJörg SchefferGeo-Informatics and Geography
ProfessorGabrieleSchellbergProfessorship of Music Education
Professor HannahSchmid-PetriChair of Science Communication
Professor MaximilianSailerChair of Educational Science (interim)
ProfessorDagmarSchmelzer Professor of Romance Area and Literary Studies with a focus on France (interim)
ProfessorNorbertSeibertChair of School Pedagogy
ProfessorAndreaSieberProfessorship of Medieval German Literature
ProfessorBernhardStahlProfessorship of International Politics
Professor MalteSteinbrinkChair of Human Geography
ProfessorHermannStinglhammerChair of Dogmatics and Fundamental Theology
ProfessorOliverStollProfessorship of Ancient History
ProfessorChristianThiesProfessorship of Philosophy
ProfessorJörgTremplerChair of Art History and Visual Culture Studies
ProfessorDirkUffelmannChair of Slavic Literatures and Cultures
ProfessorDetlefUrhahneProfessorship of Educational Psychology
ProfessorGrischaVercamerProfessorship of European Medieval History and its Cultures (interim)
ProfessorDanielaWawraChair of English Language and Culture
ProfessorThomasWünschChair of Modern and Contemporary History of Eastern Europe and its Cultures
ProfessorBarbaraZehnpfennigProfessorship of Political Theory and History of Ideas
to be announcedtbatbaChair of Cultural Media Studies with a focus on Digital Cultures