Professur für Amerikanistik/Cultural and Media Studies
Frühere Lehrveranstaltungen an anderen Universitäten

Frühere Lehrveranstaltungen an anderen Universitäten

Undergraduate Courses

  • Introduction to English and American Literary Studies
  • Cultural Studies Survey USA: Understanding America
  • Übung: American Realism and Naturalism
  • Übung: Zwischenprüfungs-Vorbereitungskurs (Schwerpunkt Amerikanistik)
  • Proseminar: American Indians Today, or Bridging the Gap: James Welch
  • Proseminar: James Fenimore Cooper
  • Proseminar: Major 19th-Century Novels
  • Proseminar: Modern American Drama
  • Proseminar: Female Worlds: Short Stories by American Women Writers
  • Proseminar: The Civil War in American Literature and Culture
  • Proseminar: American Literature I: From the Beginnings to the Civil War
  • Proseminar: American Literature II: The Twentieth Century
  • Proseminar: Twentieth-Century African American Fiction
  • Proseminar: American Drama after World War II
  • Proseminar: Contemporary American Short Fiction
  • Proseminar: American Autobiographies
  • Proseminar: American Utopias
  • Proseminar: The American Revolution in American Culture and Literature
  • Proseminar: Contemporary Native American Literature and Culture

Graduate Courses

  • Cultural Studies Advanced: Topical Issues in Contemporary American Culture (Master Program)
  • Cultural Studies Advanced: Fundamentals of American Studies (Master Program)
  • Hauptseminar: American History in 19th-Century American Literary and Visual Culture
  • Zwischenprüfungs-Vorbereitungskurs (Schwerpunkt Amerikanistik): American Realism and Naturalisms Novels Leatherstocking Tales
  • Hauptseminar: U.S. Culture at the Turn of the Millenium


  • Vorlesung: American Literatures and Cultures: From (Pre-)Colonial Times to the Civil War
  • Ringvorlesung "Introduction to American Cultural Studies" (single lectures):
  • Native Americans on the North American Continent: Histories, (Oral) Tradiitions, Locations/Relocations, Political Movements
  • Changing Faces: Immigration, Language Politics, and the Borderlands
  • American Women
  • Ringvorlesung: "Introduction to Literary Theory" (single lecture)
  • Theories of (Inter)Cultural Contacts, Ethnicities, and Borders